About us at Southern Oaks

The Crossroads thereHe stood at the crossroads all alone, The sunlight in his face; He had no thought for an evil course, He was set for a manly race. But the road stretched east and the road stretched west, And he did not know which road was the best; So he took the road that lead him down, And he lost the race and the victor's crown. He was caught at last in an angry snare  Because no one stood at the crossroads there To show him the better way. Another day at the self-same place A boy with high hopes stood; He, too, was set for a manly race He was seeking the things that were good. And one was there who the roads did know, And that one showed him the way to go; So he turned away from the road leading down, And he won the race and the victor's crown; He walks today on the highways fair Because one stood at the crossroads there To show him a better road. 

Our process is fairly simple... we simply work your child's proverbial butt off with daily Accredited Academics, chores and tasks that develop slowly a great work ethic.  Hard work moves them out of entitlement and back into personal accountability and strangely enough, full vested in service to others.  As they lose themselves in this service to something other then themselves we have found that they "find" their best self in the process of time. This best self is the child you once had before the world came in and stole that person away through the influence of Drugs, bad Peers, and social media to name a few. The following daily schedule gives you a good overview of what a normal day with us is like;

Daily schedule

Monday through Saturday                                     
5:45 AM Arise, clean room and personal space; shower
6:00 AM. Accredited Virtual school
8:30 AM Feed horses
9:30 AM Breakfast and seminary/scripture study
10:30 AM Accredited Virtual School
12:30PM Lunch
1:30 PM Accredited Virtual School
4:30 PM Exercise facility hike
5:30 PM Feed horses or cows, prepare for dinner
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM Remedial work and ranch activities
8:30 PM Recreational Activity
9:45 PM Journal writing
10:00 PM Lights 0ut

Administration and Staff:The team at Southern Oaks has many years of experience working with mental behavioral health services with troubled youth. They live on campus and so they see the full range of behavior of the students in their care. Our staff are highly qualified in mental health services and truly care about the students under their care. They work in teams or families as they live on the campus and are are real mentors and youth role models because we have learned that our student do what they see us do not what we say. None of our staff Smoke or Drink or have tattoo's, do drugs, curse or anything that would set a bad example or support the students past life style
Nationally Accredited Academics:We assist parents and students in enrolling in online courses accepted by their local school system, in order to provide a seamless transition between that system and the educational opportunities at Southern Oaks. All students work toward their ultimate goals of graduation and future career choices. Some situations may require the student to graduate high school while enrolled at Southern Oaks troubled teen boarding school.
The Gift of Work and Diet: At Southern Oaks students are taught the value of hard work in every aspect of their lives. Our young people help grow much of their own food in our beautiful, completely organic garden in our boarding schools for girls. produce from this garden, integrated into diet, helps stabilize students'  blood sugar levels. This creates serenity, balanced physical and mental state
Ethics and Moral Education and Therapy:We have found that hard work, holding the students personally accountable for choices and actions, the study of scripture and religious and ethics training will do more to change bad behavior than the study of such behavior. Our experience has shown that a daily seminary class including prayer and scripture study combined with weekly church attendance enhance the student's ability to make appropriate choices. Therapy is an integral part of the basic process if our usual process is not working;most of our students have 2-5 years of therapy and if it was the answer they would have been cured a longtime ago, so we use it only if they are not moving and may be continued at the discretion of parents or guardians throughout the remainder of the student's enrollment
Study Abroad Service Trips;Special Activities: Spanish Language Immersion, American Culture and History often in the summer--December, January, February Christmas Mission Trip in Costa Rica: An incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in our mission service program while involved in our Spanish language immersion program. This is held at our Language Institute, at our sister program Teen Discovery Costa Rica

Program Options and Costs:Southern Oaks Boarding School program Tuition is $4995 monthly for 90 days minimum there is a special cash rate of $4695 for the typical year contract.* and a special Financial Hardship option if approved paid at $3695 a month then balloon payments of $495 a month till the tuition owed is paid off interest-free after they return home... for family Incomes under $65,000 see below (Hardship Tuition is $3695 per month total plus fees) ** see below

The process is set up to be completed in 90 days by the student as a simple wake up call but if they haven’t progressed appropriately, the program can be extended to 6 months 12 months or even 18-24 months for some students with long histories of chronic issues. If the student's progress is acceptable to the parents and staff, it is recommended they return home in 90 days. If not, they naturally stay for additional months, until the progress sought is achieved
*The Basic 90 days wake up process is $4995 per month for three months or 90 days equaling $14985.00 plus $3500 start up plus fees $225 for Doctor and 1st month Incidental and activity fees not included in basic tuition Equaling $18710 all paid upfront upon admission. Also the Incidental and any special services such as uniforms travel etc see section 5 and 6 will be billed monthly separate from tuition.

**Financial hardship Pre Approved Deferred Monthly Payment Program Interest Free Loan Principal Amount:
Financial hardship program for single or combined incomes under $65,000 where you cover the start up fees $3000 upfront then pay $3695 per month with two balloon deferred monthly payments of $495 when the student returns home for every month they stay with us (Tuition total each month for Hardship $4695 ) ....
Example student stays for the typical 12 month process the monthly tuition upfront while here is $3695 @ 12 months then 2 years of( 24) monthly payments of $495 or $11880.00 total till balance is paid in full two year(s) after they the child returns home ...incidentals or Karate class fees which is typically $250 a month.